Julie Taylor
User Experience Developer

Let's work together

Available to seamlessly join your distributed team to assist in creating effective and useful websites and applications. With over 20 years of experience:

  • Designing and building mobile and web sites and applications
  • Creating and testing design prototypes
  • Communicating effectively at all levels of an organization
  • Bringing a sense of curiousity where ever I go

Projects & Artifacts

Indivisible.org Sharables App

The goal of the project was to increase civic awareness and create discourse around congressional representation with a mobile phone app that allows people to find their representatives, see how their reps voted on proposed bills, and share this information on social media. The desired outcome was lots of folks sharing curated imagery and increase social media engagement.

My contribution was to outline the user flow for both the intended audience and the content admin. I also created a user journey to map a persons likely path and think through the questions they may have while using the application. I wanted to give the team working on the app tools to create directional and supplemental content and features that would potentially create a desirable and easy-to-use application.

#CauseAScene (hashtagcauseascene.com)

The content of the #CauseAScene advocates for antiracism and highlights where white supremacy has caused harm in all areas of the tech community, jobs, non-profits, etc. This content is powerful and uncomfortable for the intended audience. I proposed creating a web experience that presents this information in a predictable and uncomplicated fashion.

My contribution to the project was to help distill all of Kim's ideas and projects into one cohesive website experience and provide low fidelity wireframes (Desktop and Mobile) to start the conversation about content hierarchy and IA.

Want to see more?

The items above are from projects where I was a volunteer. Most of my professional work isn't publicly available, but I'd be happy to chat in person about my previous work history and projects.

Speaking & Workshops

I love sharing ideas and knowledge and would be grateful to help folks learn more about working in technology and provide assistance where I'm able.

Working in tech allowed me to have a better quality of life and prioritize my family and friends. I'd be happy to help folks interested in joining or advancing in tech meet their own goals. Send me a note on Twitter or with this Google form if you'd like to chat.

Here are some my recent events: